Windmill Near Pinnacles National Park, California

Amazing what we can accomplish when we feel instead of thinking. Yeah I had an idea of what I wanted to capture and that was the easy part, but I allowed myself to linger for two hours last night with this image trying a barrage of ideas. I'd make a move, step back and ask "what if?" Trashed more layers in PS than I kept but I finally arrived at that "Aha" moment that we are all seeking. It felt balanced and complete so there were no more steps to take.

Windmill and Old Farm Gear, Near Entrance to Pinnacles National Park, California

Captured this past Saturday afternoon with my IR converted Sony III. The outside temperature was 110 degrees - the red was seared into my memory.
So many steps and missteps that I could never remember or explain the process - I just kept taking that next step.

Life in Pinnacles National Park, CA, United States - Windmill Near Pinnacles National Park, California by Don Smith

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