pastures of plenty in Saga Arashiyama, Kyoto

This is Saga which lies on the Western edge of Kyoto city. Actually, it's impossible to go any further west as this is where the city meets the mountains. This area of the city is known as a popular tourist attraction but not this part and that's precisely why I love it. A short distance from the tourist traps is this large area of farm land which from spring through to the end of summer is teeming with life. This scene shows golden rice fields that will likely be harvested in the coming days. What I particularly love though is the red spider lily that the Japanese call "higanbana" which translates as "equinox flower". They pop up around the rice fields at the time of the equinox and their toxicity keeps vermin away, but despite this they are extremely beautiful. I've been trying to capture the "perfect" higanbana shot for many years (as a click on the higanbana tag below will attest to) but it has so far eluded me. Perhaps next year...

Life in From Scotland | Working in Kyoto, Japan - pastures of plenty in Saga Arashiyama, Kyoto by Stu

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