Enchanting III

Instead of promised blue skies, we were met with poor light, fog and low clouds along the way that moved in and out as we circled the mountain and until we reached the sunshine and promised blue skies.
This was a favourite image from the day. "Favourite" is defined differently by us all and for different values. So here's why...
It was a tough climb to get to the top of the mountain and tougher for my 12 year old nephew but along the way I believe he learned a lesson about effort, reward and achievement and their relationship. His adventurers pose is therefore well earned and a fine memory of a great day.
The image is also a lesson in technique and chance, not necessarily in equal parts:
- getting your subject to stand as you want them to (if you can persuade them long enough);
- using light for silhouette
- and here's the chance - when the light is so varied that you can't clearly see the camera settings - set up and take a chance...it could end up being a favourite image.

Life in Skirrid Fawr, Abergavenny, United Kingdom - Enchanting III by Ted

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