International Award Winner

When someone lectures you about copyright, valuing your work, not giving it away for free, competitions are worthless, blah, blah, blah...we are only on this planet once, so have a go, get your work out there and don't be a prisoner to your hard drive. If someone enjoys your work - savour that moment - that is the legacy to enjoy.

A few years ago, on a holiday to Bergamo, Italy, the local tourist board hosted a photo competition and with mage I was lucky enough to win a holiday for two, the following year. The following year, I entered again and my image won a wristwatch.
It's easy to get sniffy about your copyrighted photo rights, but truth is my legacy is not to be a rich, celebrity in-demand photographer but I can rightfully claim (with tongue in cheek) to be an international award winning photographer
I've dined out on that title a few times, let me tell you!):-
My legacy.

Life in Bergamo, Italy - International Award Winner by Ted

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