The Tread - Jean-Marc Barr Actor

"Le Fil" (The Tread) is the title of a short film with main actor Jean-Marc Barr. For "Le Fil", he agreed to shoot the scenes where his character is a subterranean diver although he was absolutely not a diver. So he devoted a year and a half of preparation. It so happens that the cave diving scenes were filmed at the source of the Durzon River which flows through my village. While walking one day at the spring of Durzon river, I met Jean-Marc Barr and his passionate cave diving instructors. It was then about scouting for the film and a first dive on the site for the actor. The film was finally shot in June 2022. So I was very interested in seeing the very recent opening. Regarding this photo taken on the spot, it is the unexpected fact of the blue luminous thread which comes to rest on Jean-Marc Barr, added to the title of the film "Le Fil" ("The Tread"), which obviously has has invited me to present it here in a nod to the recent aminus-prompt "thread".

Life in Nant, Aveyron, France - The Tread - Jean-Marc Barr Actor by Marie-Line

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