Threads: Those Adventuring Bees

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Humanity reflecting nature or is nature reflecting humanity?

No greater fascination has captured human existence as much as the dance of bees. Those busy little workers that never stop until the job is complete. Dance of the honey, the business of bees, leading to a pollination destination to complete the cosmic task. The pollen party has begun!

Come dance with these busy bees as nature shows us how.

The Bee
by: Arthur Guiterman (1871-1943)

Little chemic-artisan,
Doing work no other can,
Deep in dewy nectaries,
Petal-walled refectories--
Apple-blossom, columbine,
Rose and lily, all are thine,
Yet, though oft thy weight they bear,
Dost thou know how they are fair?
Thine are sun and Summer breeze--
Hast thou aught of joy in these?

Pollen-yellow dumbledore,
Leave thy clovers tumbled o'er!
What's a lily? What's a rose?
Down the golden lane he goes,
Drowsing forth a prosy song,
"Honey! Honey!" all day long,
Wasting life's diviner sweet,
Hiving food for drones to eat.
Oh, thou silly, silly bee!
Idle here and learn of me!