Birds over Baghdad

Artistic impression of birds as seen from a Baghdad, Iraq apartment rooftop. Photos by Ghassan Malik.

April 26, 2013

From Iraqi Photographer Ghassan Malik...

These photos were all taken in Baghdad, Iraq above my roof.

The minimalist nature of these photos helps to bring out the beauty of the shapes the birds make in the sky in combination with some delicately chosen parts of background or foreground. Nothing is there by accident. All elements were carefully chosen to move the viewers eye from select entry and exit points and through the frame.

Some of these photos are a single image of the sky with some contrast enhancements, while many are composed of two or more photos. Most of the photos were created between 2011-2012 with a few taken as early as 2004.

You can see more of Ghassan's photos on Aminus3 or on his personal website.

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