Threads: Cow Pictures

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Whether grazing in scenic locations, huddled together in the rain, chewing their cud, or posing for a Gary Larson cartoon, cows make good photo subjects!

The variety of cows we might see from region to region around the world can add fun and interest to the foreground elements of a scene. As a model, cows are pretty easy to capture since they don't move too far too fast and seldom complain when posed.

We herded up some creative cow photos from the Aminus3 community to share with everyone. Notice how the Black and White cow photography gives a different feel and mood to the shots, and brings out the colors and textures of these animals.

These photos offer a good variety of focal length with which to experiment. From fisheye closeups of cow noses and tongues to wide angle landscapes.

Different breeds of cattle can also change the image. From long haired highland cattle, to black angus to the iconic Holstein dairy cow, all bringing different characteristics.

So, mooooove on into this delightful Aminus3 cow theme and tell us what you think.



by Zing