5 Creative Ideas for Photography at Home

If you find yourself at home in search of a project, these photography ideas can spark your creativity while seeing things with a whole new perspective.

March 15, 2020

Did you know that stress and anxiety can inhibit your immune system, making you more susceptible to illness? Conversely, art and creativity have been shown to have a positive benefit to our physical and mental well being.

If you find yourself at home looking for something to inspire you, photography not only feeds your creative side, but can help you to work through your underlying experiences and emotions.

Through the act of creating images, you can explore your inner thoughts and feelings while inspiring yourself creatively.

Here are some ideas for photography at home that help pass the time while stimulating creative flow to channel those anxious thoughts into something more positive.

Practice your Storytelling

There has been much said in recent years about improving our photography by learning to tell a story through our images. Though that is not always practical or straight forward for all types of photography. At home, we can tell stories about the things going on around us.

Documenting mundane or practical experiences like preparing a meal helps ground us into a sense of routine or normality. This can be comforting when the world outside seems increasingly uncertain.

You can also document more abstract stories about how you are processing your experience of being at home or in isolation. These images can bring fuzzy thoughts or feelings to the surface through the frame.

The objects in our home all have a story. Consider the various items and objects in your home and remember how they first came to you.

Creative Light and Shadows

Shadows add depth to images and can be used to effectively tell a story on their own. At home, we also have the capability to make use of all types of lighting such as candles, lamps, Christmas lights, or even flashlights which can be used in long exposure photography to create light trails.

Connect to Nature at Home

The cycles of nature continue onward as springtime is emerging in many parts of the world. All those fresh flowers and budding plants make for pretty garden photos. You can also experiment indoors by integrating house plants and flowers into your compositions.

Move those plants around and look for colorful walls or areas where the morning or evening sun casts long shadows across the room. Or break out that macro lens that has been gathering dust in the bottom of a drawer and change your perspective to a different scale.

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

With the right light and setup, ordinary household items can be transformed into the extraordinary.

Challenge yourself to see something familiar in a new way. Try photographing the same object using different angles, lenses, and lighting to experiment with how it changes the resulting image.

The Art of Introspection and Healing

Walking around snapping pictures while thinking up creative shots can be fun and fulfilling, though photography is also a powerful medium for helping us connect with ourselves at deeper levels.

There are many different types of art therapy techniques that you can practice to help you to better understand yourself and your state of mind.

One way you can try this is to look through your recent images. These can be on screen, or you can print out a selection of photos and lay them out on a table in front of you.

Scan the images until you find one that seems to jump out or grab your attention.

Now take a few deep breaths as you look over this photo.

Ask yourself some questions (and write down your answers for later consideration) such as :

- How does this image make me feel?

- What does this photo remind me of?

- What is a good title for this photo?

- What is a good caption or summary of this photo ?

If you want to try something a little different, you can even apply dream work techniques to interview a subject from your image by using a role play exercise called the 6 Magic Questions.

Even if you don't ponder the meaning of your images, just looking back through your old photos can be a great source of joy.

As I was writing this article, I looked back over a decade of photos posted on my personal Aminus3 blog.

One of the best things about a daily photo journal like Aminus3 is having a visual archive of memories and moments day to day, year after year.

If you haven't done so already, now is the perfect time to start your own daily photo journal, where you can document your life, world, and experiences each day.

Creative Inspiration

Bringing these ideas together, here is a gallery of Postcards from Home from the photography community on Aminus3.

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