Favorite Image of 2016

We asked the photographers of Aminus3 to choose one favorite image they posted in 2016.

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January 01, 2017

2016 was a year of great change and challenge all around the world.

As one humanity, each of us have been faced with uncertainty and chaos, asking us to reflect on what we truly value.

Through it all, photography has been with us, encouraging us to document the year through images, honoring shifts and new choices that we made each day. From holidays to hardships, greeting the life of a new baby, or saying goodbye to dear friends and family, we've thrived and endured.

These photos were selected by the photographers of Aminus3 as their favorite image posted in 2016.

Flowing with the strength of community within Aminus3, we step forward into 2017 with new clarity and intention to CREATE!

We are grateful you choose to be here with Aminus3. Thank you for sharing your world one photo at a time.

Stop. Take a look. That's Santiago!

After many days walking, pilgrims start to see the end of the way. Compostela is very close, and all its environment is embraced by the fog.

Long exposure makes the fog gets the color of the grass, while the stars are witness.

2016 has been so fraught with political upheaval we need to smile now and again more than ever.

I don't often get the opportunity to grab street scenes and as a reluctant shopper I tend to trail around behind Mrs. G in shops. However now and again as I shuffle behind herI spot something that interests me and this was one such occasion.

Time for relaxation for chimpanzees at the Parc zoologique du Bois d'Attilly.

I love to grow and photograph flowers. Dahlias have become some of my favorites in the past few years, despite the difficulty of overwintering the tubers. This is one of my 2016 Dahlias. I was inspired by Kathleen Clemons to use the color of the flower to fill in the corners and to blur the edge petals to create a LensBaby look. The little curls in the center made this flower special.

I love to look at the Christmas window displays this especially caught my eye. I could imagine a winter wonder land looking just like this. I thought the lighting came out especially well. Made me feel like a child again on Christmas morning.

The color of the water, along with the autumn colors, really caught my eye. The water is notably brown in color from the tannins leached from the cedar swamps which the river drains. The Upper Falls are more than 200 feet across and with a drop of approximately 48 feet.

This are the hot springs in the jungle near Morales, Guatemala. It's a pleasure to take a bath in this warm waters.

On the third day of our Colorado trip earlier this summer, we were leaving Rocky Mountain National Park early in the morning when we saw some elks by the road and stopped. As I fitted my camera with the telephoto lens and started shooting, one of the elks started crossing the road with the low sun behind him. He was keenly aware of our presence, and yet absolutely unafraid. There was something regal and mesmerizing about that animal's gait. I ended up with this shot, my favourite for 2016.

Alone in front of life, in front sweet and hostile nature

A captured moment at the right time... or why I love my Nikon 3300! Performer: Kyle Wiese. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

They are going to get officially married in a few minutes. The girl's excitement and her holding a book of prayers, coupled with her mother's concerned company herald a new chapter marked with surprise and novelty. This is how a new life begins.

Towards the end of this wedding that I recently photographed, I kept watching this little Ring Bearer having the time of his life chasing the Flower Girl. Then this happened, perfectly capping the end of the night. He actually held on for several seconds as she playfully dragged him behind over the polished wooden dance floor.

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