Favorite Image of 2017

We asked the photographers of Aminus3 to choose one favorite image they posted in 2017.

Aminus3 Community Thread
December 31, 2017

A Beginning … 2017 If you review the image titles from our favorites you will see, it describes the story of our year on Aminus3 …

Still Life | Modern & Old reflections | Magical Fog | Sneeuwklokje (snowdrop) | Transit

Experience We Shared ...

Early Spring | A mushroom village | De roseaux de bois (reeds of wood) | A path for your eyes | Tornado | Crazy sunset | Like a painting | Transit | Artificial Light & Silhouettes | Yellow | Parasols | Silver Spoon | Allegro molto vivace (cheerful very lively) | Like a painting

Places We Traveled … Magic Place | Over the reeds | The old farm | Abandoned chapel in Belgian forest | On signal point | Leaving the castle | Le Taj Mahal | Sunset in Peraia | Beacon Hill country park | Big Island Adventure - Hapuna Beach State Park | Leaving Sargent, coming home ...

Souls We Met Along The Way …

Comme E.T. | Vagi / Power | Flowers and blossoms | Nikol - Fire | Postmaster and his cat | A. | Butterfly on Flower | Les Butineuses 3 (Foragers) | Une belle goutte d’eau (a beautiful drop of water) | Interlude ! | Fish with an Attitude | Great blue heron | Claremont California in Infrared | défilé urbain (urban parade) | The holy pot balance la clé de la boite de souvenirs - memory box key | Elle on the Rocks | The Guide | La mère et l'enfant (mother and child)

Saying Goodbye To 2017 …

Foi en nature (faith in nature) | Lord Murugan | A talk with God | Duality | Warm Glow | End of the day | A dream that never stops | A serene 2018 my friends

A Bright New Year Begins !! Thank you for sharing your life experience with the community of Aminus3. With each other -- we learn to grow in bountiful new energy. We appreciate you!!

May PEACE and LOVE prevail in 2018 and beyond ...

Brighter end!!!

Brighter end!!! by Ram

Posted on 2017-09-05

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"Fort Sheridan", Sabourin

Fort Sheridan Water Tower by Steven

Posted on 2017-07-13

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flowers and blossoms

flowers and blossoms by Stu

Posted on 2017-04-06

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F⊙i en nature

F⊙i en nature by Karine*Mazloumian

Posted on 2017-12-20

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Butterfly on Flower

Butterfly on FLower by Ruthiebear

Posted on 2017-08-16

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Crazy sunset

Crazy sunset by Mary Lynn

Posted on 2017-03-23

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Cycliste au crépuscule

comme E.T. by Daniel

Posted on 2017-12-31

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Transit by farshad

Posted on 2017-12-29

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Postmaster and his cat

Postmaster and his cat by Sriram

Posted on 2017-07-10

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Défilé urbain

Défilé urbain by Benkirane Thami

Posted on 2017-07-31

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Lord Murugan

Lord Murugan by Sam

Posted on 2017-12-19

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The sunlit drawbridge of Dover Castle

Leaving The Castle by Ian Smith

Posted on 2017-07-29

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Coeur de mousse

Coeur de mousse by Kiki

Posted on 2017-06-01

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Duality by Darkelf Photography

Posted on 2017-10-23

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855 by farNaaz50

Posted on 2017-04-29

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Le Taj Mahal

Le Taj Mahal by Jean-LucT

Posted on 2017-12-06

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A serene 2018 my friends

A serene 2018 my friends by Nazzareno

Posted on 2017-12-30

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Sneeuwklokje by Ralph

Posted on 2017-02-28

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Peraia, Greece

Sunset in Peraia II by Loukas

Posted on 2017-07-11

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New Member of the Family

New Member of the Family by Bruce

Posted on 2017-04-16

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... by omid

Posted on 2017-05-26

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Like a painting ll

Like a painting ll by fereshteh.kamelan

Posted on 2017-12-29

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Les butineuses 3

Les butineuses 3 by Mhelene

Posted on 2017-06-04

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La mère et l'enfant

La mère et l'enfant by Mireille T.

Posted on 2017-04-12

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Magic place

Magic place by Anna Cherer

Posted on 2017-12-21

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Modern  & Old Reflections

Modern & Old Reflections by Mia

Posted on 2017-12-29

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On Signal Point

On Signal Point by Michael Rawluk

Posted on 2017-10-20

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Le bassin aux nymphéas

Le bassin aux nymphéas by yo

Posted on 2017-09-23

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une belle goutte d'eau

une belle goutte d'eau by rbassin

Posted on 2017-07-12

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Someone wrapped in a blue blanket sleeping outside

433 by Morris David Taub

Posted on 2017-11-13

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early spring #13

early spring #13 by Hiro

Posted on 2017-03-17

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great blue heron

great blue heron by Rebecca

Posted on 2017-12-27

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The reading

The reading by : Helen :

Posted on 2017-11-30

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'Round Midnight; Heroes

'Round Midnight; Heroes by Ralph Jones

Posted on 2017-04-17

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Beacon Hill country park.

Beacon Hill country park. by Dave Armstrong.

Posted on 2017-09-06

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Invierno. Winter.

Invierno. Winter. by Francisco Romero

Posted on 2017-03-17

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Lone Oak and God Beam

Lone Oak and God Beam by Don Smith

Posted on 2017-12-31

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govearts farm nebraska

the old farm by Jason Kravitz

Posted on 2017-06-20

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balance pot neem dance festival thaipooyam

The holy pot balance! by Mohanakumar

Posted on 2017-03-13

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fais Tourner !

fais Tourner ! by Jean-Luc.M

Posted on 2017-12-12

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Nikol - fire, 02

Nikol - fire, 02 by Kazimir

Posted on 2017-08-08

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Elle On The Rocks

Elle On The Rocks by Stephen Phillips

Posted on 2017-09-23

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A path for your eyes

A path for your eyes by Michael David

Posted on 2017-06-12

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- by [email protected]@

Posted on 2017-09-08

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Warm Glow

Warm Glow by OurTwoSense

Posted on 2017-09-04

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Fish came swimming up to the glass to investigate

Fish with an Attitude by Chris

Posted on 2017-10-10

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Artificial Light & Silhouettes

Artificial Light & Silhouettes by Jules

Posted on 2017-01-06

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A talk with God

A talk with God by Chetan

Posted on 2017-12-26

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County Fair

Tornado by John

Posted on 2017-07-15

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A. by Helodie

Posted on 2017-06-10

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silver spoon

silver spoon by oliver stephanus

Posted on 2017-01-22

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De roseaux et de bois

De roseaux et de bois by mo.langel

Posted on 2017-12-10

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A mushroom village (2/2)

A mushroom village (2/2) by Marjolein

Posted on 2017-10-02

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Over the reeds

Over the reeds by Tomek

Posted on 2017-07-06

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StillLife fruits vegetables candle wine pearls art

Still Life by Sugata

Posted on 2017-10-15

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Yellow Parasols

Yellow Parasols by Kii

Posted on 2017-06-03

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A dream that never stops

A dream that never stops by Aubélia

Posted on 2017-12-24

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Vägi / Power by Vaido

Posted on 2017-08-22

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Leaving Sargent, returning home...

Leaving Sargent, returning home... by Leslie

Posted on 2017-06-24

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Sobrevivir en un entorno hostil hostile

Sobrevivir en un entorno hostil by MAU

Posted on 2017-03-07

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blikvanger2017.076 by Blikvanger

Posted on 2017-03-17

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Magical Fog

Magical Fog by john4jack

Posted on 2017-12-31

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sunset Blackwater Wildlife Refuge

End of the Day by Elaine Hancock

Posted on 2017-12-11

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Sunrise at the Salton Sea in California, USA.

Salton Sea Sunrise by Steve Rice

Posted on 2017-05-24

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the guide

the guide by grahammorgan

Posted on 2017-10-03

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Interlude !.... by tataray

Posted on 2017-07-26

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