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A gallery of favorite photos from 2019 selected by the photographers of Aminus3.

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January 02, 2020

Urban worlds created and updated as we learn.

Structure, form, beautiful steel, windows of glass helping us to see through our world.

Fast moving trains, waiting to get there, we walk with shadows not fully understanding why.

LIGHT plays with the shadow. Energy not quite captured but felt.

There is more for us to see.

Blinding clarity catapults us into colors and sound. Music fills our hearts and mind with wonder. A world different than the one we have created in our past.

Nature lends a hand, juxtaposed with the creations of man, observing our curious moves.

Why make it so hard? RELAX into your BEing.

Our NATURE is one with ALL if we allow.

You see we are SIMILAR, not different. VALUES of LIFE burst forward no matter the culture or country where we live. We choose love, kindness, togetherness, nature, song, and dance. ALL are joyful CREATORS!!

2020 has arrived, like a fresh new morning. We wake to rub the past from our eyes and fill our hearts with fresh new possibility.

Nature, once again leads the way.

A planet willing to teach.

One humanity willing to learn.

May we see our reflected SELVES for the BEAUTY that it is. With AWE, bright wonder and open loving hearts ….

We wish all of you at Aminus3 a CREATIVE and joyful year ahead!!

Aminus3 is a place full of creative inspiration and cultural exchange, where you can share just one image a day.

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All photos in this gallery were selected by the photographers of Aminus3. Words and thoughts by Leslie Horacek.

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