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A gallery of favorite photos shared in 2020 as selected by Aminus3 photographers from 16 countries.

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January 03, 2021

2020 has been a year that surprised even the most solid. The unexpected shift, the shutdowns, the lock-ins, the new regulations, and learning a lot more about personal hygiene and sanitation than possibly ever before.

While the theme of the year encouraged putting on masks and distancing from others, we all experienced this global pandemic, bringing us collectively closer together.

Despite the challenges, creativity found a way to bloom in the chaos to a higher vibe.

Thank goodness all things change and as we lift our eyes and spirit towards a healthier 2021.

The photographers at Aminus3 documented many experiences and creations through original photography.

Flexing not only a creative outlet, photography also served as a therapeutical guide to help connect with many feelings of loss and change through this challenging year.

As 2020 closes out, we look back at the favorite images and experiences which marked this unique time.

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Fui de bicicleta até à Capela de Nossa Senhora da Encarnação. Lavada em suor atingi o topo. Sabia que por ali, este ano, cresce uma espécie de orquídeas selvagens. Penso tratar-se da Anacamptis pyramidalis, mas deixemo-la para outro dia. Após “pintar” com luz e cor as flores que subiam o monte, desci. O pneu precisava de ar e fui até a umas bombas de gasolina ali perto. Quando cheguei vi no relvado um sujeito :) que já não me lembrava de ver desde os meus tempos de estudante em Coimbra. Só tinha comigo a lente que uso para fotografar flores e teve de bastar. Ele foi simpático, subiu à árvore, mas ainda ficou em ramos baixos durante alguns minutos.

I went by bicycle to the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Encarnação. Washed in sweat I reached the top. I knew that this year, a species of wild orchids grows. I think it is Anacamptis pyramidalis, but let's leave it for another day. After “painting” the flowers that went up the hill with light and color, I went down. The tire needed air and I went to a gas station nearby. When I arrived I saw a guy on the lawn :) who I no longer remember seeing since my student days in Coimbra. I only had the lens I use to photograph flowers with me and it was enough. He was friendly, he climbed the tree, but he was still in low branches for a few minutes.

Escalera al cielo en Villa Crespo

A stairway to heaven in Villa Crespo.

This is (my first) experimental work with light painting. It is a single shot, with a tiny led lamp turning on a pendulum, and some additional light painting on the fiddler made with a flashlight.

I also decided to tag this one as my favorite photo from 2020, as it took three evenings of practice to finally reach that one.

Also, it represents the quarantine time, which, on the other hand, made it possible to deal with previously postponed ideas.

De laatste dagen zijn er steeds mooie gekleurde zonsondergangen.

The last days there are always beautiful colored sunsets.

Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland is a place that has been on my list to visit for a very long time.

It is a popular place and because of that it is not an easy one to photograph at sunset with many people coming down to enjoy the last light of the day. I do not mind other people, we all want to see the beauty that this world has to offer, but I am not a fan of having people in my landscape photos for the simple reason that I like to photograph landscapes as they are in their natural state. There has been an increase in recent times of many photographers including a human element for scale and other reasons and I have usually stayed away from this approach.

In this case, I decided that since I cannot move the people out of the scene, I might just as well see if I can work with them. I was lucky enough for this individual to stand right on the point of one of the basalt causeways for some time in this position and I worked my composition to place the sun directly behind him.

Picking a favorite for the year is always a challenging decision. I chose this photo of the osprey for a couple of reasons.

There is emotional investment. For years I tried to find a place where the osprey consistently would dive in one place for fish. Finally in 2020 I found a place.

It is different than the usual osprey photo. The common photo of an osprey is with a fish within its talons. This photo has no fish in the talons. Finally, I like the body and wing position.

This is why it is one of my 2020 favorites.

A guard tower in the Eastern Sierra? What is this about? The answer gives us a look into one of the darker chapters of American history. This is Manzanar National Historic Site located between Lone Pine and Independence, California, USA. During World War II, Americans of Japanese ancestry and Japanese who were denied citizenship by federal law were interned here and in nine other camps across the country.

I've known about this violation of Constitutional rights for decades but only recently learned of this historic site. I had to see it and see if it has any relevance to current events

So many of us said goodbye to dear friends and loved ones in 2020. That includes our animal friends and dear ones too. Ruby was a beautiful companion and friend who lived a full life. She even taught the humans around her a thing or two about love and life. She will be missed.

I love roses, especially when I see them in the sun. They seem to be telling us how wonderful it is to be living and enjoying every minute of it, which we tend to forget in everyday life.

Une rencontre en s'abritant de la pluie à Paris.

A meeting sheltered from the rain in Paris.

La Faute sur Mer. Plus de dix kilomètres de plages entre la Pointe d'Arçay et la Tranche sur Mer. J'ai choisi cette photo comme ma favorite de 2020 car elle symbolise notre liberté retrouvée après le premier confinement, et la perspective d'aller vers des jours meilleurs.

La Faute sur Mer. More than ten kilometers of beaches between Pointe d'Arçay and La Tranche sur Mer. I chose this photo as my favorite of 2020 because it symbolizes our freedom regained after the first confinement, and the prospect of move towards better days.

Back through the photos I have shared, here is my favorite one of 2020 due to the current situation (Covid) and the imposed quarantine which both, in my opinion, symbolize this year that is ending. Also on this December 31st, this picture has a little chic side to wish you all of you all the best for New Year's Eve.

This shot was taken on the full moon day when we had fireworks for the Festival of lamps.

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