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A gallery of favorite photos shared in 2022 as selected by Aminus3 photographers.

January 06, 2023

Baggaertshof Kortrijk, Belgium

I went out planning to photograph the snowstorm which was forecast but it never materialized. I hiked in deep snow to find this offshoot of the main river where chunks of ice was moving about. I used a slow shutter speed to capture its motion.

When I look at my precious grand daughter, I feel hope for this coming year.

Photo réalisée à la fin du mois de mai dans un champ de blé du département du Tarn.

The Flight of the Ladybug
Photo taken at the end of May in a wheat field in the Tarn department.

I had a hard time choosing a favorite this year. I narrowed it down to a short list but ultimately picked this one because it was a creative experiment that led me to do several more photos like this for a few months after. I have spent the last two years creating curriculum for photography courses and panning is one of the topics. I have some older photos that I created with panning but this is the first time I've done it in a while. I forgot how fun it can be and how the results can be way different than expected.

Plastic bubble natural light sculptures on display in Civic Square during the Enlighten Festival, held in March this year in Canberra, Australia.

Cannelle est un des chats d'un de mes enfants.

Cannelle is one of my children's cat.

A male bluebird sitting on Japanese Maple branch.

Ombre de bateaux laissés pour compte.

Shadow of boats left behind.

Opwaarts over het laatste hoge duin. In plaats van sneeuw hebben we zacht weer.

Upwards over the last and high dune, good for an am3-prompt-202206 Instead of snow we have a soft winter.

The Pavilion is located along the Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park in Chicago, Illinois. I was disappointed by the fact that I didn't have a fisheye lens with me to get more of the "woven" art sculpture at the pavilion within the frame. But after taking a few photos while standing up, I took a few shots while laying on the ground to get more of the sculpture's woven design, but it took away from the Chicago skyline in the background. So what I decided to do here is a five-shot panoramic while standing up. The pavilion is made of prefabricated glu-lam wood "ribs" and fiberglass domes between the ribs. Each piece was designed to be light enough for workers to lift and install by hand.

Nighthawks (1942) by Edward Hopper is such an evocative, memorable image.

I thought this view of Cinnabon, Deansgate, Manchester offered a similar telescope into the customers world.

Etang de la Gruère, Switzerland

Of all the photos I've posted this year, this is my favorite photo.

A reenactment of a colonial fictitious battle called, "The Battle Of Red Horse Tavern". This takes place at the end of October at Longfellow's Wayside Tavern in Sudbury, MA. It is one of the better reenactments.

Broekerveiling/museum (Netherlands) in de kleuren van de Oekraïense vlag

Broekerveiling/Museum in the Colors of the Ukrainian Flag.

Parfois on aime s'exclure du reste de l'humanité, se sentir seul au monde pour profiter de l'instant, mais tout en ayant consciencede faire partie d'un tout.

Sometimes we like to exclude ourselves from the rest of humanity, to feel alone in the world to enjoy the moment, but while being aware of being part of a whole.

J'aime beaucoup Béatrice et en spectacle, elle est très expressive

Festival Soif de Musique- Cowansville - 8 juillet 2022.

Today's photo became unintentionally quite well suited to the week's theme of contrast. It comes from Lake Ballard in Western Australia. It is a large salt lake in the middle of Aussie outback and it is home to a massive outdoor sculpture installation by Antony Gormley called "Inside Australia". There are 51 statues and they scattered over an area of around ten square kilometres. The lake itself is very big with dimensions of about 50km in length and 20km in width.

Because the clouds muted the colours of the landscape, black and white was my natural first choice when photographing the sculptures. It allowed me more freedom to play with contrast adjustments to bring the lake surface to life. The natural cracked shapes and patters were mesmerising on their own, especially as they stretched out almost endlessly in front of us.

Detail of glass art "Echoes" by international glass artist Stephen Rolfe Powell.

It was the first time I took a photo of a bear in the forest. The photo was selected for the "Bloodless Hunt 2022" exhibition, too.

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