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These creative image compositions which show a "Frame in a Frame" were created by the Aminus3 photography community.

Aminus3 Community Thread
October 02, 2020

As photographers, we make a conscious choice about how we frame our photos. Just before clicking the shutter, we can choose which aspects of the world around us to include, and what we wish to crop out before making a final image.

Don't like the photo? Make new choices.

What better use of our collective energy in these tumultuous times than to reframe reality into something new and improved.

Here on Aminus3, we challenged 31 photographers, who set out to create photos from 15 countries featuring a Frame in a Frame, that is, an element within their images that creates a frame around their subject.

There were lots of creative interpretations of the challenge from nature frames to art frames to frames featuring beautiful architecture from around the world.

Several people also included a behind the scenes story about their experiences photographing their Frame in a Frame photos.

Seaside Frames

Frames In Nature

Where is my heart?

Peniche Peninsula, Portugal

Antes de chegar ao farol do cabo Carvoeiro, na arriba calcária junto ao mar fica a denominada “Varanda de Pilatos”, de onde se pode admirar a Nau dos Corvos (um rochedo junto à costa onde os corvos-marinhos costumam pousar), o cabo Carvoeiro, com o seu farol, e, em dias limpos, o arquipélago das Berlengas. Na Varanda de Pilatos as rochas apresentam diversas formas e naquele dia encontrei este pedaço que me fez lembrar um coração. Um coração cortado na rocha dura, por onde podemos espreitar a fúria do mar.

In the limestone cliff next to the sea before the Cape Carvoeiro lighthouse is the so-called “Varanda de Pilatos”, from where you can admire the Nau dos Corvos (a rock by the coast where the cormorants usually land). On Pilate's Balcony the rocks have different shapes and that day I found this piece that reminded me of a heart. A heart cut in hard rock, where we can watch the sea's fury.

Framing the Architecture of the World

Narva jõgi

Narva, Estonia

The Narva River is the eastern border of the European Union. On the other bank of the river, there is Russia already.

You can see the Russian Ivangorod Fortress on the left side of the photo.

Art and Mirrors, Reframing the Self

Photo frames

Waiting for the perfect Frame in Frame Moment

Le sourire du passant

Villiers-sur-Marne, France

Je dînais dans un restaurant et le reflet du mur en brique dans la vitre m'intéressait . J'attendais le passage de passants qui remontent la rue avec leur dîner, une pizza) pour les photographier dans le cadre .J'ai eu la chance d'avoir en plus un sourire !

I was dining in a restaurant and the reflection of the brick wall in the glass interested me . I waited for the passage of passers-by who go up the street with their dinner,( a pizza) to photograph them in the frame . I was lucky to have a smile !

More Creative Frame in Frames


Tenerife, Spain

Vie passée, instant perdu, laissé à l'abandon mais une lumière refait revivre ce lieu...éternel recommencement. Instant pris à Tenerife.

Life passed, moment lost, abandoned but a light brings this place back to life ... an eternal beginning.

Frame in a Frame

Chennai, India

As I was coming out of this Temple, this lone woman talking to some one at the top of her voice attracted me. I decided to take a shot. She was asking someone to hurry up, as the Temple would close soon. Sure, they did come running- a young mother dragging a little boy and carrying a baby in her arms.

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