The Herons of Kyoto

Herons in Kyoto Japan

Curated by Stu
October 06, 2014

For a bustling city of about 1.5 million people, Kyoto Japan has an abundance of wildlife. The Kamogawa River that runs north to south through the city is particularly interesting, and that is where all of these heron images were taken.

Over several years, Aminus3 photographer Stuart Gibson has been photographing these beautiful birds in these tranquil scenes amidst the bustle of Kyoto.

In his words, "They're used to people so it's quite easy to get close to them and they are quite good subjects. It's the way they hunt that allowed me to get the moving water effect. They tend to stand as still as possible at the edge of the river and I thought that a slower shutter speed might make for an interesting and unique effect."

You can see more of Stuart's work on his Aminus3 blog.

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