Climate Change in Kotido Uganda

Kotido, a small area in the Karamoja district of Uganda, is beginning to be affected by climate change. Photos by Thomas White.

April 06, 2013

Photography by Thomas White

The district of Kotido is located in the north-east of Uganda in the Karamoja sub-region. Kotido is one of the poorest districts in Uganda. A shortage of public and private investment in basic infrastructure, poor access to markets and weak external support for economic development have all contributed to low levels of human development. Safe water coverage is low, with only 45% of the population having access. The population density is high and growing rapidly; over 60% is under the age of 18.

Livestock play a central role in livelihood activities, and cattle-rustling is a prominent feature of pastoral livelihoods in Kotido. In recent years, the degree of violence and conflict involved in such cattle raids has escalated. The government has responded with disarmament programmes, but tensions remain.

Kotido district is beginning to be affected by climate change. The people are experiencing longer dry periods and droughts, when the rains do come they are for shorter durations and heavier than before, causing flooding. Photographer Thomas White travelled to Kotido with ACCRA - the African Climate Change Resilience Alliance. ACCRA are in Kotido working with all aspects of the local government teaching them the importance of flexible forward looking decision making.

The following images were taken during Thomas's time in Kotido. Three of these images were shortlisted for the Environmental Photographer of the Year prize, and will be exhibited at the Royal Geographic Society in London from the 10th April.

About ACCRA ACCRA is a consortium made up of Oxfam GB, the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), Save the Children Alliance, Care International and World Vision International and funded by DFID. ACCRA aims to increase governments' and development actors' use of evidence in designing and implementing both humanitarian and development interventions that increase poor and vulnerable communities' adaptive capacity.

More information about Thomas White on his website

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