Life Happening - May 5, 2012

Experience life happening around the world on May 5, 2012

Aminus3 Community Thread
May 11, 2012

We asked you to consider if each one of us decided to share just one aspect of our personal lives through an image, what would we experience?

You have delighted us with the response. Thank you Aminus3 community for sharing with all of us your passion for photography and joy of life!

In your posted images and stories we can experience the magnitude and uniqueness of May 5th 2012. You've brought our attention to the world in your backyard, where you live, the streets you walk, and you shared your togetherness, along with your silly fun.

We've seen the magnificence of nature in the Super Moon that takes our breath away, colorful rainbows, majestic mountains, glistening waterfalls, fields of crop, fall colors and seasons changing down-under.

How we play, where we work. The dance that keeps us young. The art we are inspired to create. The music that plays to our soul. How we care for each other and how our furry 4-legged friends care for us and make us smile!

What we eat, how we shop. Where we live, how we learn. What we observe from ourselves, what we project onto others. The companions who make life worth living. The challengers that make us work harder.

The moments we are left waiting in our hearts. The special times and love we share even as our bodies age and change. A celebration of life for almost a century. The happy times of a first meeting, the sadness of saying goodbye.

The love of parents, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles and dear friends. Family life that comes together for weekly fun or taking the time to cook a special meal. Weddings that demonstrate the beginning, scars that remind us of where we've been and how we are healing.

The love, connection, diversity, creativity and spontaneity for one day shines through your images. Enjoy this warm offering and sharing of our lives and through the beauty of photography, remember what can be captured when we stop to observe the moment.

Thanks Aminus3 !

Life Happening from 133 people in 30 countries around the world.

Alpharetta, United States,

Lucenay, France, Paysage du Beaujolais

Brussels, Belgium, This horse lives nearby my new house and is on my dog walking route - also featured recently as the toast eating horse. The pasture is slightly up hill from the road which allowed me to get this nice ground level image without lying on my stomach :)

Tehran, Iran

Barcelona, Spain, A pastry shop near my house. The owners strive to present wonders. Now celebrating spring with beautiful shoes made of chocolate colored ... A lady is fascinated by the beautiful shoes. I wanted to leave testimony of the moment with this picture ... fleeting moments and happy.

Theme by Aminus3

besançon, France

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Picture taken on the evening of 5th of May 2012.....showing the splendour of the city skyline at the expense of sky pollution. The vertical uplights, dust in the atmosphere & high vapour densities rob the urbanites the chances of seeing the beautiful stars in the night.

Arlington, Texas, United States, Life Happening - May 5, 2012 Saturday we spent the day celebrating Mike's mom's 90th birthday. We planned the party for about 100 people. My job ahead of time was to scan, edit, and print old photos of her to put out on the tables. My job on that day was to take photos of everyone and upload them later so all could see or have them.

So, here she is after her 90th birthday party with her brother-in-law who was celebrating his 94th birthday that same day!!

A total of 184 Years of "Life Happening".

kudal, India, " Wake up and realize this is all made up of thoughts, just thoughts. Your appreciation of beauty is a thought; your aversion to an object that is ugly is a thought. Your craving or aversion is nothing but a passing thought in the mind. Realize this is just a thought and you will be free......."

Montreal, Canada

Chico, United States.

Put a kid in a tub, with dog in the yard, and add a sprinkler for a splash of fun, and what you have? SILLY TUESDAY, OF COURSE!!! And laughter and fun for all in the backyard. It's finally warm enough to enjoy the sprinklers. Little Gracie learned that she loves the water, and this green tub is just the right size for her. Terre is laughing at Grace, and Taffy is thinking, "Give me that sprinkler... I can chase it."

Watch for more fun in the tub...

Ljouwert, Netherlands, (Life happening 5/5 Theme)

I did a 15 km hike trip in the heart of beautiful Fryslan on May 5th. This is someone's precious (vegetable) patch.

Los Angeles, United States, Searching for nothing, and for everything. Searching for ourselves. This day was the same, yet completely different from the rest of the year. A unique moment in our lives. May 5th, 2012.

Tehran, Iran

Brooksville, Florida, on May 5, 2012.

This Aeromed 3 medical rescue helicopter from Tampa General Hospital, an hour's drive south of us, is lifting off from the high school two blocks north of us. This hand-held shot was taken while they were moving at quite a good speed, heading west. Thanks to the training of the pilot and paramedics, hopefully the person in trouble will have their precious life renewed/restored/saved.

Paris, France

Montrouge, France, This picture was taken during a Cosplay event in the parc "Les Buttes Chaumont". Lilith came with a Cosplay of a French Cliché: "French people wear a béret, walk with fresh bread and a bottle of wine in their arms".

schaumburg, United States, sharon, wisconsin (what goes on in quiet Wisconsin barns in the dead of night... taken with cell phone.)

Stockholm, Sweden, No War Anymore

Simi Valley, United States, Waiting with a friend at a spay and neuter clinic, with Rusty, a deer faced chihuahua.

Rockville, United States, May 5th was Saturday and that is the day I go and spend the afternoon with my dad. He will be 98 next month. He lives in a nursing home. He doesn't say much anymore, and sometimes he doesn't remember who I am but he knows that I am a familiar face and always has a smile for me when I come to visit.

Lund, Sweden, This photo is taken on Saturday May 5 for the Aminus3 Life Happening theme.

...a wedding on a sunny afernoon in May at Drottningholm Palace in Stockholm. A time of happiness in a wonderful moment that gives hope for the future!

Bradenton, FL, United States, Interrupting my Cape Cod redux week, here's my May 5 day in the life entry...

Some people buy a ticket for $5 and win the lottery. Me, I spent five dollars and bought a parking place for the day at the St. Petersburg "city pier" recreation area.

On May 5th, we motored up to St. Pete, to the Pier, to meet up with some family and friends for lunch at this great, great family-owned Florida restaurant - The Columbia.

From the lunch menu, I ordered Merluza “Russian Style” - As the menu describes it: "Created by Francisco Pijuan, Columbia's famous chef and former chef to King Alfonso XIII. Premium Atlantic Merluza, Spain's favorite fish. Breaded with Cuban bread crumbs and grilled. Garnished with a Russian sauce of lemon butter, parsley and hard boiled eggs. Served with yellow rice. Viva El Rey!"

My meal was delicious.

Back to the picture, that's my left hand holding the parking lot ticket, and in the background is the machine out of which it sprang (after I inserted my ATM debit card).

Amsterdam, Netherlands, This was my May 5.

I had envisioned on exiting the flat to take some beautiful photos; the little details of life which would have made for a more interesting subject.

Unfortunately, exam season and my decision to pursue an academic route gave me this...

Courtelary, Switzerland, Life Happening - May 5, 2012 - Courtelary

Afternoon in the garden

Brooklyn, United States

Orléans, France, Le Campo Santo créé au XIIème siècle fut longtemps le principal cimetière d'Orléans. Au XVIIIème siècle fut transféré. Des halles aux grains furent construite et depuis 1970 et depuis 1986 le Campo Santo acceuille de nombreux évènements culturels et historiques dont le festival médiéval annuel qui a débuté le 5 mai jusqu'au 8 mai 2012.

Copyright Didi MASSOUD 5 mai 2012

The Campo Santo created in the twelfth century was the main cemetery of Orleans. In the eighteenth century was transferred. Halls were built and grain since 1970 and since 1986 the Campo Santo welcomes many cultural and historical events including the annual Medieval Festival which began on May 5 to May 8, 2012.

Copyright Didi MASSOUD May 5, 2012

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Besançon, France, It was the 22° birthday of the band "la Salamandre" those days. The band offered to us 3 evening shows in the the streets of Besançon.

Tehran, Iran

Morgan Hill, United States, On May 5th hundreds of photographers flocked to Yosemite to capture a moonbow at Yosemite falls.

Moonbows at Yosemite are most prominent during the spring runoff where the higher flow water results in enhanced mist. More mist in the air means the best moonbows. We were fortunate that May 5th was not only a full moon, but a Supermoon, much brighter than normal and therefore enhancing our moonbow experience.

My son Ian and I did some moonrise shots of Halfdome then travelled over to the lower falls to capture this image. As we setup with my new Nikon D800, this was our first opportunity to shoot with the new camera, we were amazed by the number of photographers who had travelled to Yosemite just to experience a moonbow.

The group of photographers that night was fantastic with people moving around to change their compositions and shooters sharing their prime locations so others could shoot unobstructed.

paris, France, vue du parc de saint Cloud

Montpellier, France, Another view of the largest square in Montpellier, la Comedie. Right in the old town center.

Brisbane, Australia

Paradise Valley, Montana, United States, I spend many days of my life in Yellowstone National Park. Its volcanic, primitive vibration feeds the wild in me.

To me, the epitome of Life Happening, is the fresh wonderment and vitality of newborn Bison calves. The whole herd is in celebration--I am in celebration with them. New buffalo hooves on the land ensures that our planet will continue to thrive. Without buffalo this Earth would perish.

Humans are too busy in their everyday life to notice how our planets animals are the ones doing the work to hold the balance for every other living thing. We take too much for granted--until it's gone....

(see more at

Melbourne, Australia, A theme! How exciting! I was all up for Life Happening on Saturday 5 May, but it didn't. It was a classic couch potato day. Freezing cold, misty rain ... a non event day for photographers. I couldn't bear ththough of of missing the theme, so I braved the elements (just to the front door step) and took a photo. Here it is.

Chicago, United States, The Dailey Method purple socks

cluj, Romania, A funny moment of the day (5th of May) was, while we were waiting long time for the bus: Michael took out his binocular to look if the bus comes from the left, right or above...:)

Iran, Iran

Burnham-on-Sea, United Kingdom, Shopping and Dinner The usual Saturday this week, shopping for the essentials, then the better bit setting the table for dinner with family !

Tehran, Iran, Life's Happening! May 5th From when she was a little baby, her father's worked in a drilling Company which needed him to be away from us every month. Well we didn't like that obviously! She missed him a a lot! But it's life and you get used to it any how! Though still she waits with passion for her fathers arrival every time he's away! In this photo you can see her waiting for her daddy to arrive home from that business trip in a few seconds. :)

Kyoto, Japan, May 5 is a national holiday to celebrate children's happiness in Japan. People eat 柏餅 Kashiwa Mochi, steamed sticky rice filled with sweet bean paste and wrapped in oak leaves. Since an old leaf did not fall until the sprout grew, the leaf of oak is considered to be a sign of prosperity. Carp streamers, dolls of a samurai, a tiger or something gallant are often displayed because this day is originally for boys, March 3 is Girls' Day on the other hand. May 5, 2012 流鏑馬神事 Yabusame series is going to be continued tomorrow again.

Tehran, Iran

South Shields, United Kingdom, Another dull, grey, wet, and damp day in South Shields as I took a walk around the harbour and the area near the Groyne pier. Not many folks about that afternoon, although there seemed to be a tea dance going on in the Littlehaven Hotel, the sounds of music drifted by with a muted tone along with the squalls of stinging showers carried on a north westerly breeze.

That's where I found this man walking his dog, the two of them occasionally peering out to sea wondering if the lighthouses might eventually appear from behind the mist and rain. Call it a "life happening" event, it suits the theme.

April's showers seemed never ending!

Processed this one using the Lucis Art plug in to try and create that wet watercolour look, then added a light canvass type of texture.

Olympia, United States, Alexander, our grandson, is one year old. To mark this milestone, we had a little party for him at a local bakery/cafe on Saturday. He enjoyed it a lot and so did everyone else. This is my Life Happening theme post.

Montana, United States, I stopped to take this on the way home from work on the 5th, and it suits the theme, simple as my contented rural life.

Vigo, Spain, ...on a night of tango dancing!

Portland, Oregon, United States, ... a very important matter in our family! Not just food, but Good Food!!

Tehran, Iran, My room- 5 May 2012

Saint John, Canada, As with every morning of my life, I always start with a good shave.

berlin, Germany, . "life happening" photo theme: i'm not sure if i get this french pun right but if i (at least partially) do it seems to be a great sheepish comment on life in general and mine in particular. this photo was taken on may 5th strolling about prague looking out for "urban melancholies" to photograph - as i love to do... . prague, czech republic .

خلخال, Iran

Melbourne, Australia, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, May 5, 2012, Collegians player kicking along the boundary during Victorian Amateur Football Association Old Wesley Collegians v Northern Blues competition at Preston (Photo by Martin Phillips)

Droitwich, United Kingdom, In Droitwich we have an annual St Richard's Day celebration. St Richard was born in Droitwich in about 1197. It his believed his birthplace was where the Raven hotel now stands. He blessed the brine pit in the town which had ceased to flow and it began again. For many years after on St Richard's day on April 3rd the people of the town would dress "St Richard's well" with flowers. He eventually became Bishop of Chichester

Bray, Ireland, 021.365 It's true. Cistern sprung a leak. Lots of drama. A man came and saved us. Has to be the end of the Trilogy. Life goes on:-)

Surf City, United States, pay no attention to the girl behind the scary camera!

Canberra, Australia, It was beautiful to see the proud parents of three very cute cygnets showing them off to the world. In this shot you can't see the whole family but you get the idea.

mumbai, India, I love watching these little fellows from my balcony. For months I've watched their mating, nesting and stretching. I have watched them fight to save their nest from the sparrows, crows and squirrels and work away at deepening their nests. I 've spent two to three hours on days video taping them and watching them. What can be a better instance of life happening around me than these endearing critters.

Le Tampon, Reunion, Premier jour de vacances, Le soleil se lève, Et nous fait son cinéma ! Malheureusement, Le vent et la pluie feront rapidement leur apparition Et la séance sera vite levée ! ... First day of holiday, The sun gets up, And makes us his cinema! Regrettably, The wind and the rain will quickly make their appearance And the session will be fast raised!

Waterloo, Canada, * On May 5th around noon I was in 'Casablanca Bookshop' ! Amazing what you can find here for just a few bucks !

Mumbai, India,

Titusville, United States, Like me, this frog peeks his head out but keeps most of him hidden under cover of the water. I peek my head out, but go quietly about, trying not to reveal too much.

Mâcon, France

Barcelona, Spain, In my recent trip to Berlin I got some free time to visit the gourmet section of the KaDeWe store and was completely amazed of how many different types of cakes they have. Fortunately, I had already had a good breakfast at the hotel and managed to resist the temptations.

pompei, United States, you just cant see it

Barcelona / Tremp, Spain, Campos de colza en la comarca catalana de l'Alt Penedès.

Bejuma, Venezuela, My camera and I in a small corner of my garden in search of life events. This has become a large part of our life since I joined Aminus3. My wife and children are getting used to see me crawl across the garden. My son caught me here :-))

Udine, Italy, I'm used to take photos as I walk along the sidewalks during my days, going to work, coming back home, wandering about... Usually I take this shots with my smartphone, but sometimes even with the D60... It's a collection of my daily visions, sometimes thoughtless, sometimes distracted, sometimes abstracted. Hope you like them, this is the 22nd in the series, I'll post some other

Aix en Provence, France, French people are going tu chose their President on may the 6th , so the day before they have to make their minds up, and decide for which candidate they are going to vote ...

Leuven, Belgium, On the 5th of May, The Netherlands, where I grew up, celebrate their independence day of WWII. On that same day of celebration I found myself on a beach in Normandy, France, where that same freedom had made it's most important step on shore. May those who brought that peace never be forgotten.

somewhere in the, United States,

Kingston, Ontario, Canada, I am in the process of moving - so my life today is a sea of boxes - all colour-coded boxes - but boxes.

Seville, Spain, Image for Life Happening 5 May 2012. Why this one ? Saturdays mean that I get up when the light comes through my window and for a moment I watch how it plays in the room, through the curtains and on the objects and sometimes I feel like taking a picture. Besides studying arabic, photography is my greatest hobby.

Yesterday's sunlight through a curtain plus post processing.

Ispagnac, France

Fournets Luisans, France,

Canberra, Australia, Where I live, there are four very distinct seasons - and autumn is my favourite time of year. My garden is a place to think - and season's change often colours my sense of personal change.

Claret of the vine drink in the liquid colour ornamental grape leaf

Tampere, Finland

Greater Manchester/Cheshire, United Kingdom, Hyde FC have just completed a successful season winning the Conference North championship.

On Saturday the 5th of May they took an open bus tour around Gee Cross to Hyde Town Hall to celebrate and I captured the scene as the bus came down Dowson Road.

A wider view can be seen on Hyde Daily Photo.

A brief history of Hyde FC can be found on Old Hyde.

The official website for the club is and there is also a Facebook page for the club.

A contribution to the Life Happening theme.

Setúbal, Portugal, Estrilda (Bico-de-lacre comum)

Pennsylvania, United States, Over the weekend, I photographed the Bark for Life, a fundraising event for The American Cancer Society. About 40 dogs turned out to raise money and awareness of cancer in dogs as well as for the role dogs play in helping those who are fighting this horrible disease. Gracie and her family were just one of the participants.

In my life, it seems not a day goes by that I don't spend it with a dog. Whether it's taking my pup Izzy for a walk, participating in a dog/pet related event, or working as a pet sitter, I can't imagine not having these 4 legged friends in my life. For this reason, the fact that this year's Bark for Life fell on Aminus3's Life is happening challenge (where bloggers were asked to take a photo on May 5 that inspires or reflects their life), was fitting for me. Gracie is only a puppy at just 8 months old. The Bark for Life walk was a great experience for her and a wonderful way for her family to spend the day together.

Oxford, United States, This is my niece and nephew. I adored how she took care of her little brother.

Annen, Netherlands, Blue & white

Thanks for your visiting my photoblog and leaving a comment :)

Havirov, Czech Republic, 05. May 2012 Endly spring and sunny days! This shot was taken on the trip with my sons in the Baskydy Mountains. We find little spring with ice-cold water and plays as a little boys. That was a really good day :-)

Kenmare, United States, The Prince had a birthday party to celebrate turning one. Of course, at his age every day is a birthday party. He even wrote a song about it.

Fun. Fun to be one. Fun to be number one. I want to be number one, because it's fun to be number one. Fun to be one.

Paris, France, Paris, 5 mai 2012

Kerman, Iran, Thanks for your visit and comments. :)

کند جلوه طاوس صاحب جمال چه میخواهی از باز برکنده بال . "سعدی"

Varde, Denmark, tulips

Corvallis, Oregon, United States, Our extended family went to Silver Falls State Park for a family camping trip. Here were cousins, Fiona and Calvin, on a family hike. (Note: the editing was done Monday, but the photograph was taken on Saturday.)

Salamanca, Spain

Bear Hill, Malaysia

Drayton, United Kingdom, Two photos layered together as my contribution to the AM3 public theme 'Life Happening'

Canberra, Australia, My brother in law's first grandson was born in the USA and arrived back in Australia this week. Here's Nick meeting the wonderfully smiley Oscar, aged 9 months. They seem to delight in each other's company :) Posting for the Aminus3 theme Life Happening - May 5 2012

Perth, Australia, After recent autumn rain, it was exciting taking the kids exploring through the creek , which was wet, but not yet flowing. Occasional puddles to jump in and explore with the gumboots on made it all the more worthwhile. This is where "Life is Happening" for me and my family on May 5

Kyiv, Ukraine, Theme: Life Happening May 5th 2012

Manila, Philippines, A blessed Sunday to you and your family everyone =)

Saturday is always a Family Day for us! Not even a world war would stop us from being together on this day. So when "Life Happening" theme was announced and coincidentally fell on a Saturday, I was thinking exactly what is the best photo that I could share for this theme. It was quite difficult for me because, every second, every minute, every hour with my family is always the best moments for me. But then finally I thought, why would think of some hillarious or extraordinary composition for this theme? Why not post something natural and candid?

So this is it...MY FAMILY! For better or worst, in sickness or in health, for richer or poorer....we are ENJOYING LIFE TO THE MAX!!!

I choose this treatment for us to cherish on the yesteryears =)

Brussels, Belgium, Tough sheep in a rough neighborhood.

cheshire, United Kingdom, This is my little lad, he has just started bouldering, thats climbing without ropes, but not so high, he loves it.

Atlantic Shores, United States, : : Lilly : Did you remember to take a photo for the AM3 'Life Happening' theme ? Ronnie : No. Took your big note and a book and then clean forgot. Sorry. Lilly : Oh, well, I see Life Happened anyway - lucky you had the pigeon instructions with you, Ronnie. : Our posting for the "Life Happening - May 5, 2012' theme" : Reminder by Lilly, Image by Ronnie, Theme by Aminus3, Pigeons by appointment only

Linköping, Sweden

Florence NJ, United States, Scott and Hannah were married May 6. At the "roast" Scott was given a step-stool to allow him to tower over his bride.

Sausset les Pins, France, Wink to Christian Richer

The 5th May , I was painting !

Indiana, United States, Abby was enjoying a milkshake.

fez, Morocco

Sheerness, United Kingdom, These two guys were friendly and interesting doing a job that most of us would not want to do and many people resent. I don't like paying for parking but I don't blame the workers for the costs. Nice guys!

Lachenaie, Canada

Toronto, Canada, 2012-05-05: High Park, Toronto, Ontario

Basingstoke, United Kingdom, ... ready to cook Chettinad Curry; a delicious South Indian Dish.

Ginger, Garlic, Onion, Tomato, Beans, Cinnamon stick, Bay leaves, Cloves, Cardamom, Star Aniseed, Turmeric Powder, Chilli Powder and Mustard Seeds.

For AM3 Life happening theme.

Miri, Malaysia

Tehran, Iran

Montreal, Canada, After many years they'll have a look to this picture to remember this day. I think the tree will be grown up to give delicious fruits they will eat while thinking about Mom and Dad, by the time we both were much younger .... aaah shutter my friend, let's stop the time !

Nice, France, Posting for the Aminus3 theme Life Happening - May 5 2012

Le samedi, jour de repos hebdomadaire, est l'occasion pour ma femme et moi d'aller faire quelques courses encore nécessaires. Notre chemin de retour habituel est la voie de tramway située au beau milieu de la ville en pleine effervescence ...

Saturday, weekly rest day off, is the opportunity for my wife and I to go to make some still necessary shopping. Our road of usual return is the way of tramway situated in the middle of the city in full excitement...

great falls, montana, United States,

in, Morocco, Life Happening: May 5, 2012

A beautiful day: an outdoor picnic and fun on the swings

Nelson, New Zealand, On the 5th of May we were treated to a perigee full moon. The perigee causes extreme tides, exposing a huge area of black sand bars at low tide. Over the next few days I'll be sharing series of images of Rabbit Island Beach viewed under these special conditions.

Oxford, United States, Yard Sales - Love to see what they have and if i cuold use it. I like to meet and talk to poeple as well..

Spokane, United States, This dam is on the Spokane River which has a total of 7 dams on its way to the Columbia River. The configuration of the dam is unique in its long curve. The spring runoff coupled with recent rains has swollen the river to flood stage in some places. Lloyd and I visited this dam last weekend. The roar and spray of water spilling over the dam was impressive. Click here a larger view and another overwhelmed dam.

Aarschot, Belgium, This is my contribution for the Theme Challenge : Life Happening Photo taken on May 5, 9.30pm on the Grote Markt in Aarschot - Belgium

Honolulu, United States, Waikiki is one of my favorite places to photograph in Hawaii. This image was made for the latest theme. I went to Magic Island and shot back towards the full moon over Waikiki. Diamond Head crater is also in the image. To the right foreground is a rock outcropping of Magic Island, helping to give depth of field to the image. That night was the night when the full moon was closest to earth for the year. There were probably twenty photographers lined up along the edge of Magic Island to capture the moment when the moon broke through the clouds. This was my best effort for the evening.

Abuja, Nigeria, Stopped by my favorite produce market to see what's growing...okra, red peppers and ginger.

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