Essence of Photography: Low Angles

Tired of creating photos from one boring perspective? Let's learn how to get down towards the ground and see things from a low angle point of view.

November 12, 2021

Whether you are the tallest person in the room, or even the shortest, you may have gotten into the habit of always seeing things from exactly at your eye level.

This is fairly normal in most cases, except when you pick up a camera, you are missing out on a lot of stuff all around you.

To see things from a new perspective, try getting down low on the ground, or looking up at your subjects for something different. Sometimes even just looking above you, you might notice something that you didn't before.

Let's look at some examples of low angle photography and see how this perspective can change the look of a photo.

Look up at architecture

Next time you are walking through a city around tall buildings, don't forget to look up. Whether you are looking up through the lobby of a building, or from the outside, you can often find interesting vantage points that others may never notice.

Ground Level

Even if you are not in a city or scenic location, you can try getting to ground level and see how the world looks down there. Whether you kneel down or lay flat, you will find a new way of seeing things.

If you are using a phone, or you camera has a flip out viewfinder, it is easier to hold the camera very low to the ground while still being able to see what you are photographing. Trying looking through blades of grass or at street level.

This can also be a good way to photography smaller animals like birds or squirrels, at their eye level.

Essence of Photography is a series of tips, tutorials, and visual inspiration on a variety of photography skills and techniques.

You can practice these skills and more by purchasing a deck of Photo Cards from Zoom In Reach Out, a non-profit with a mission of teaching to see the world from a different perspective.

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