Threads: Monterey John - Aminus3 Spotlight Photographer

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Monterey John Wilson was one of the early members of the Aminus3 Photography community.

His images, advice, humor and comments, have inspired many. John passed away in June 2011.

On his profile, John described himself as a recovering lawyer who has moved home to California after way too many years in fly-over country and indulging my passion for photography.

John was always willing to provide tips and feedback for those who asked. Sometimes in great detail and care, and sometimes with zen like simplicity. Once when asked how he achieved a particular shot, he answered slyly, First you get up REALLY early...

Below are some of his favorite images, and some of ours too. Through John's photography, we traveled across the United States and experienced the natural beauty of California. Monterey John touched many of us here on Aminus3 and beyond, and he will be missed.