Our Two Sense

A look at the creative duo of Aminus3 photographer's Lilly and Ronnie, better known as Our Two Sense.

January 28, 2014

We asked the creators of the humorous Aminus3 blog OurTwoSense to share a behind the scenes look at this creative project. Here is what they had to say...

We feel honored to be asked to showcase the photography and presentation style of OurTwoSense here in the footsteps of others in this series we have long admired on AM3.

Our distinction is that there are two of us to each posting - Lilly and Ronnie / Left and Right living and working 4,000 miles apart but creating one image-posting twice a week that we hope sends a smile around the world.

Lilly says : We never really plan anything : it usually just comes to us and even we can't explain it sometimes. One of us will be out with a camera and shoot random things and send images to the other as "possibles" which the other will try match into a combined visual statement.

Ronnie does the "stitching together" because he has developed a talent for that and I can just sit back and tell him how great he is even when he is not - seems to work just fine for me! Must admit the two of us do marvel at how magically the photos can come together when sealed with the three-line dialogue : Ronnie has infused me with his great sense of humor and always brings a smile to my face when signing off our postings.

Being so far apart, we can run into technical, time and, even language issues but it always seems to work out and we make an amazing partnership. I'm lucky to be a part of O2S alongside a very creative mind !!

Ronnie says : Well, after that, I'd be silly to rattle the cage she keeps me in !

What I would add is that the Captions and Dialogue are key to the enjoyment of O2S. Cross-border humor has beaten far better men than I and we do not always manage to keep that part of the message as simple as it needs to be - will try harder.

Finally, both of us would like to thank all those followers who have taken the trouble to post some 40,000 Comments over the years. Every one is appreciated and we send out a big Thank You to All !!

Lilly and Ronnie -- see more on their Aminus3 blog Our Two Sense

Lilly : I had this nightmare that I was driving along and all the roadsigns and street-art came to life ! Ronnie : Oh, just a silly dream . . the mind can play tricks like that, at times. Lilly : No, no, a real nightmare - all the figures looked like you, Ronnie.

Lilly : So, how are you getting on creating your own 'Barefoot' wines, then ? Ronnie : I don't seem to have the weight for it, Lilly . . the grapes just won't give. Lilly : Oh, what a wimp . . you need a stiff drink, Ronnie.

Lilly : Since you started reading that book, y've got all superior.

Ronnie : Really? I had not noticed, Little One.

Lilly : See, there you go again !

Bird : You Jelly Babies are not permitted out here on the lake.

Jelly Baby : We are allowed here in winter when you birds shoulda flown south.

Bird : You are on very thin ice little man.

Lilly : I have this replica of your famous London clock tower just off my street ! Ronnie : Well, I can detect some design differences and a 7-hour time shift, Lilly.. . Lilly : Oh, you are just being picky - let's start selling postcards !

Lilly : I passed by this spooky hotel somewhere in my travels. Ronnie : I have the perfect extension to that, Lilly . . Lilly : Oh, my - Double-Spooksville, now !

Lilly : This reminded me you were going to a costume party as a donkey. Ronnie : It all went wrong, Lilly - my head is on the block, now. Lilly : Oh well, not much change there, Ronnie.

Lilly : Some new Law here says my dog has to wear a big ID tag when on the street. Ronnie : I got just the ticket for that to slip over his head and warn folks. Lilly : Suppose that might do . . yes, he's lively but not dangerous nor mains-powered !

Lilly : Went to a real creepy place to collect some stuff I'd ordered on the Web. Ronnie : Those places attract venomous arthropods after dark, Lilly. Lilly : Thanks a lot. I imagine you have a directory of those.

Mr. Spud : I'm fearful I'm to be baked, split and buttered, y'know . . ? Woolard : Thankfully, I am assured that will never happen to me, Mr. Spud. Mr. Spud : Your future could all unravel, Woolard. . . I've seen the pattern before.

Lilly : Are you sure it is Self Portrait Day?

Ronnie : Shhhhh . . I think they are still out there . .

Lilly : Quick, come away from the light, then . .we can post again tomorrow.

Lilly : I've just heard that Arlo's Monster Manikin went on a rampage downtown this morning ! Ronnie : It could have been worse, Lilly. Arlo and Bebe are negotiating with the Monster as we speak. Lilly : Yes, I'm watching . . the networks are saying there may be more than one Monster, Ronnie. . .

Bebe : Hurry up, Arlo, the Easter Parade is about to start !! Arlo : Don't rush me, Bebe . . I'm getting buoyancy problems. Bebe : Oh, my ! Quick, get the brass boots on before you take flight !

Lilly : Do you have trouble with roosters perching on your rooftops ? Ronnie : A scare team go up late evening to try move them on here. Lilly : And where do they move to, dare I ask ?

Lilly: Some sculpture I see around mystifies me, Ronnie. Ronnie : I always try to identify with it, Lilly . . if you know what I mean. Lilly : Now you mention it, yes . . you do seem to share the mystic aura rather well.

Lilly : Do you have one of these monkey jump drives ? Ronnie : No, Lilly - my system is not compatible with the monkey language. Lilly : 'Gamages' ? Didn't they used to sell bananas ? ............................... Did anyone notice the monkey had changed his expression in this posting ? Never trust a monkey ! (L&R)

Lilly : I'm trespassing here and I think someone's just arrived!

Ronnie : I wouldn't want to be in your shoes.

Lilly : Remember to stand well back, Ronnie . . Ronnie : What ?? ! Lilly : weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . . hey, where'd you go ?!

Lilly : You don't like dogs, do you ? Ronnie : No . . but I guess your dog is ok . . . Lilly : Sometimes, he reminds me so much of you.

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