Photo Intentions

Photographing the change you want to be

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February 11, 2013

A photograph can be a sort of intention.

We can actively create an image based on a set of qualities that we'd like to portray. And by creating and displaying that image, we are in some sense honoring those qualities within ourselves.

il m'arrive souvent lorsque j'ai tendance à m'apitoyer sur mon sort, de me remémorer les gens courageux, rencontrés lors de mes voyages, qui vivent dans des situations bien plus difficiles que les miennes. je prends conscience alors d'être bien favorisé cela m'aide à relativiser.

when I tend to discount or to complain for small worries ... I remember the brave peolpe, met during my travels, living situations much more difficult than mine. I realize then be well favored, and the ridiculousness of my discontent.

I choose this for the "Photograph the Change you want to be" theme because as some commentors mentioned, it is amazing to see a tree like this thriving in what looks to be harsh conditions.

I think that is a great lesson for all of us - that we can thrive and grow despite the challenges and hard conditions that surround us.

Happy Birthday myself * S⊙unds crazy g⊙⊙d to get every day ⊙lder (well, for the moment !), the very pr⊙⊙f that I am alive ~ * Now, I'd like to participate to the Theme Photo Intentions with this photograph - - - to always keep in mind, heart & eye, that for me being alive is (each day more now) being the jumping & grateful child of Mother Nature/Earth. Thank you, Mama ;)

Nikon D90 1/125 second F/2.2 ISO 200 35mm

(Saint-Germain-en-Laye's forest, near Paris - 2012)

A submit for the "Intention Theme "

There is always a more or less close light on the horizon even if the sky of the life is very black.

Il y a toujours une lumière à l'horizon ,plus ou moins proche ,même si le ciel de la vie est noir.

A man working in glass casting workshops - townships around Tehran

One second without moving in the coldest air

Pour le thème du mois Photo Intentions: Qualité de vie, d'air pur et de liberté!

Valais - Janvier 2013


" photos intentions " Theme : Humanité, enfance, partage, sourire, espoir, complicité...

Humanity, childhood, sharing, smile, hope, complicity...

My advice, never give up :-)

A universal right ?

The simple pleasures of feeling sand through your fingers. Makes me wonder whether we should be listening to our body, and how is feels, perhaps keeps us in touch with the real reality of life.

At the end of a eight year process, my grandmother finally accomplished her life-long dream of building a hotel. Most of my family went to Yixing to congratulate my grandmother during the official opening.

At the time of this photo, my grandmother was 83 years old. Despite the financial setbacks, despite her health problems, despite breaking both of her knees in an accident, my grandmother was determined to accomplish her dream. I hope that I can have the same determination my grandmother shows on a daily basis.

Photo taken in Yixing, China on May 17, 2011

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