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October 04, 2019

Week of October 4, 2019

What once was? This week on Postcards from Aminus3 we look at places that once were. Computer repair in North Carolina, a faded quarry in the cold Arctic Sea, and an old Kansas farm left to decay.

Harry O'Connor retained-images photo blog

Marshallberg, NC, United States

Not exactly a high tech building, and it was closed on a weekday when we drove by. Fortunately, all our computers were working. Oh, and the back of the building and the side formed a retail greenhouse (also closed and completely overgrown).

Ny-London, Svalbard

Svalbard, Norway

Once there was a marble quarry in Ny-London, Svalbard. There are the remains of a settlement and a quarry from the early 20th century, constituting the national heritage of Svalbard there.

abandoned farm house - b&w photo

Kansas, United States

An abandoned farm house in Louisburg, Kansas Fuji GS645 Tmax 100

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