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September 06, 2019

Week of September 6, 2019

Closing out summer and looking ahead. This week's postcards give us boats, busses, hurricanes and aeroplanes.

Sion Valais Suisse

Sion, Switzerland

la gare de cars postaux de Sion est la plus grande gare postale de Suisse, les écoliers les personnes prennent tous le jour le car postal pour entrer chez eux dans les vallées les montagnes, tout les vallée latérales sont desservies.

The schoolchildren take the Sion postal bus (a subsidiary of the Swiss Post) to their homes in the valleys and the mountains. All the rural side valleys are served.

Harry O'Connor retained-images photo blog

North Carolina, United States

This colorful shrimper sank during hurricane Florence (September 2018). I was with a group of 4 photographers, and we were all attracted to this wreck, and all ended up with variations of this shot. One of my friends ambitiously photoshopped out the rope and its reflection, another included most of the mast, and one included some ragged grass/weeds as a foreground. All of repeatedly slipped up and called her the "Patsy Cline."


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