Postcards from Home (March 2020)

While governments around the world order people to stay at home during the Covid19 pandemic, many turn to photography to document their experiences and alleviate anxieties by way of the creative process. These are their stories and photos from the Aminus3 photography community throughout March 2020.

Aminus3 Community Thread
April 02, 2020

Creative Experimentation for Fun and Healing

Many of us are using our time at home for creative experimentation. These creations can also be a way of connecting with feelings, fears, and emotions during uncertainty.

Vrinda from Mangalore, India created a Covid19 microscopic-like projection using stencils and light painting to represent different stages of interacting with this virus (containing, cleaning, and healing the planet).

While others also explore themes of circular luminous objects.

Creating with colors, patterns, and even parts of ourselves, we search in corners and closets for new ways of seeing the things at home around us.

The Role of Technology

Technology has been a vital tool to connect people together. Teachers are speaking to students, updates are delivered from world leaders to their citizens, and social media all provide us a way to stay informed.

In Estonia, Vaido shows us a broadcast from President Kersti Kaljulaid who gave an educational virtual tour of life in Võru County.

Warning! Technology can also be abused. Misinformation, spam, malware, and other malicious content has been rampant. Each of us must be discerning at this time.

Teaching Amid pandemic

Williston, VT, United States

On a normal Thursday morning I am facing a classroom full of eager young undergraduates, anxious to drink from the fountain of wisdom. Alas, the campus closed last week and everybody has been sent home. Along with many others in academia, I am learning the ins and the outs (mostly outs) of remote teaching—sitting alone in my cave talking to a lap top.

Confinement and Conformity

For some, not only are the stresses and dangers of the virus taking their toll, but the adjustment to life in isolation can be a difficult transition. Those of us living in cities or high rise apartment buildings are quite limited in our ability to enjoy the fresh air, go shopping for food, or even taking pets out for their daily walks.

Alfredo J. Martiz in Panama City explores the surreal and almost authoritarian aspects of a new found life in confinement.

Cuarentena total obligatoria

San Francisco, Panama

Jamás pensó que llegaría el día en el que un número determinara a qué hora del día podría salir y que su tiempo en el exterior tendría caducidad.

Observa al horizonte y evalúa sus opciones, con nostalgia recuerda sus recorridos por la ciudad, nunca pensó que aquellos momentos tendrían tanta relevancia.

A la distancia escucha la voz de un desesperado hombre, agotado por el encierro. Quizás su único momento de paz lo tenga al ser ingresado en una celda por violar la orden del toque de queda.

Quizás finalmente descanse del escándalo familiar.

Never thought the day would come when a number would determine what time he could leave and must return. Nostalgically remember your tours of the city, never thought that those moments would be so relevant.

In the distance he hears the voice of a desperate man, exhausted by confinement. Perhaps his only moment of peace is when he is entered into a cell for violating the curfew.

Comforts of Home

While some in the world cope with the challenges of confinement, others find calm in the comforts of home.

Cooking and comfort food provide grounding and peace.

Books, games, puzzles, and toys, can take our minds off the world outside, if only for a little while.

Birds and Bees

Nature continues on, perhaps emboldened by cleaner air and less the impact of humanity to alter her course. Springtime emerges in the northern hemisphere and the birds and flowers thrive.

In my courtyard Days are long. Sundays are longer, you need to spend time somehow. ~ Paolo Agati from Udine, Italy

When time becomes lost and rolls into one long moment, appreciate the moment that allows time for an orange.

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