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An Aminus3 community theme about the power of three.

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June 13, 2012

Threes are all around us.

Mother / father / baby; Body / Mind / Soul; three wise men; ABC/123; three blind mice; three musketeers; the three Stooges; the list goes on and on....

The number 3 represents trinity, great strength, completion, creativity, or the ability to create, as well as the combination of physical, mental, and spiritual.

Within photography, one of the very first things we learn is the "Rule of Thirds" and how arranging elements in a composition along an imaginary grid of thirds makes for a balanced and pleasing image.

For the next open Community Photography Theme, we are going to tune into the power of three. What three elements could you combine for the image? Does setting these three items into the Rule of Thirds bring more tension or ease to the photo? How might you combine or represent the physical, mental and spiritual combination within a photographic image?

This girl was one of a group of university singers, entertaining people watching the Bristol varsity boat races.

This weeks effort for my weekly monochrome and thanks to Curly's suggestion submitted to the Power of Three theme

This is my contribution to the Theme Challenge "The Power Of Three"

Posted for the "Power of three " Theme

I always love seeing things through the eyes of kids and today having 3 is better yet.

ALSO - the young lady with all the hair yesterday is the one in the pink dress. She donated a lot of that hair to a charity for kids with cancer to be turned into wigs.

This is oldest structure in Federal Way WA. Built by John Barker who was born in 1840 and the cabin was built in 1880’s. For my friends all over the world that may not be old but this is a comparability new State – remember Washington State did not become a state until 1889.

Power Three of the Swamps

Ile de Ré - Mai 2012

The line of lamp posts caught my eye at first. But the power of three charmed me when these birds crossed my lens to add a sense of movement.

This is the view as I look across Lake Ginninderra from the Belconnen Arts Centre on a calm and clear autumn day.

Posted for the Aminus3 theme "The Power of Three"

This stunning 19th century window designed by Edward Burne-Jones and made by William Morris is typically Pre-Raphaelite. The window at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, depicts Faith, Hope & Charity, a group of Christian martyred saints.

Their mother is said to have been Sophia (Greek for Wisdom); though Sapientia (Latin for Wisdom) is also mentioned in some accounts but not as their mother. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, these were, in fact, two groups bearing by coincidence the same names.

The names are also the words designating the three key Christian virtues mentioned in the Apostle Paul's First Epistle to the Corinthians.

Which one is better: this one or this one ?

Three massive stones seem to stand guard at the Callanish Stones on the Isle of Lewis in The Outer Hebrides whilst basking in the late afternoon sun.

"Völkerfreundschaft" - A sculpture by the artist Wolf-Eike Kuntsche (1986) at the Prager Street in Dresden, Germany. Viewed from below. My submission for the Power of Three - theme.

Here´s a total view of this sculpture - somehow I failed to do one, the background was not very appealing from any angle I guess.

Les inalpes on commencés et vont durere tout le mois de juin. Le vaches retrouvent leurs quartier d'été et sont heureuses. Qui sera la reine du troupeau, la cheffe ? Belle journée Niocu

Point Pelee National Park

For the Power of Three theme.

Dédiée à Sue-Ann...

Ombre à la forêt (ou forêt à l'ombre ?).

Ou jeu du morpion en façade, les oranges ont gagné...

"The Power of Three " Theme

je reposte cette photo pour pouvoir participer au theme

The Larger view

I'm not too sure if this could be counted as the "power" of three.:-)

Legislative Council Building, Central, Hong Kong

Hottonia palustris (Water Violet, Featherfoil) of the family Primulaceae is an aquatic plant

My contribution to "The power of Three"

Un bon conseil pour toutes les images en format portrait : maintenez la touche Ctrl enfoncée pendant que vous faites rouler la molette de votre souris pour rétrécir l'image, ce qui vous permettra de voir la photo en entier.

  • Momentos de luz
  • Moments of light

Moments de llum... a la ciutat de Salamanca... que ja formen part de la meva memòria. Cada moment té un significat íntim i personal... així es va escrivint la meva historia.

Momentos de luz... en la ciudad de Salamanca... que ya ocupan su espacio en mi memória. Cada uno de ellos tiene su significado íntimo y personal... así se va escribiendo mi historia.

Moments of light ... in the city of Salamanca ... already occupying the space in my memory. Each has a meaning close and personal ... well be writing my story.

Life moves us quickly most days. Hurrying about from one task, one project, one effort to the next. Is it the same for Mr. Snail? Does his reduced velocity (in comparison to ours) still exist at a hurried pace to other snails? Does he too wish one day soon to slow down and enjoy the precious moments in life? Perhaps changing our perspective is all that is required? Slow down Mr. Snail, take a day at the beach, a picnic with your snail family and enjoy the moments this Universe offers us all each day. Slow is beautiful.

This Power of 3 submission is dedicated to my father who celebrates his birthday today. Happy birthday day Dad! =)

Shooting the Moon

Serendipitously For ST Here is my post for the Power of Three I hope I'm not too late yet For my pic of 'MoonSkyJet'

...legs of our grandchildren, taken at a farm in New Jersey. It is a powerful image of steps into their futures for me, and admittedly an archived image that was previously posted two years ago.

Other submissions for this Power of Three theme are here.

Three fireworks exploded simultaneously over Waikiki's beach-front hotels one evening this past week and clouds of smoke hung over the Pacific Ocean for about a half hour.

I added noise throughout the image and a small amount of blur in the foreground to imitate a painterly feel to the scene.

Theme : The power of three

My entry for the Aminus3 Power of Three photo theme...

these three are neighbors of mine so I didn't have to go too far to find them lounging in the warm afternoon sun.

Les pousses de platycodons servent d'écrins à ces jolies perles de pluie.

My good friends, artists. This looks staged but it is candid. Rocky new wall cut out of the mountain with earth moving machine makes a good backdrop for women of the Rockies.

Port Kong - South Of Irans Port-Town biside of the PERSIAN GULF Hormozgan Province Mr Golbataan Houses Windcatcher.View from inside

A windcatcher (Persian: بادگیر‎ bâdgir: bâd "wind" + gir "catcher") is a traditional Persian architectural element to create natural ventilation in buildings.Windcatchers come in various designs: uni-directional, bi-directional, and multi-directional. Windcatchers remain present in many countries and can be found in traditional Persian-influenced architecture throughout the Middle East, including in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

See this page for more Information:

Driving along Lyon Rd, Dolgeville, New York in the early evening after a day of rain. Above the road, the power of three.

© Gilles Daigneault 2011

photo prise le 18 octobre 2009 un moment dans la vie de Marie-Soleil, Daniel et Matis...

The unified Power of 3 is showing in the points and segments of this purple and gold LSU Tiger fleur de lis decal. It remains to be seen if that power can actually be transferred from the decal to this year's team.

Football season is coming... the Tiger Nation can hope.

Happy ST, Y'all!

three different visions of the same subject... a kind of imitation

Location: Newport Beach, Ca

Message: Whom Shall I Send?

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