Essence of Photography: Reflection

How to use Reflections in your photography to create magical moments.

June 02, 2021

The use of reflections in your photos is a fun way to show the world from a different perspective. There are all different kinds of reflective surfaces everywhere you look. The trick is learning how to train your eye to search out these creative photo moments.

When you see the potential for this type of photo, be sure to look all around from different angles so you can find the best way to represent the scene in the reflection. Try looking with your eyes before looking through your camera, and then position your shot for the perfect angle to get the photo.

Look at how a tiny puddle that nearly everyone else walks by can be a magical portal when viewed from just the right angle.

Parallel Universes

Similar to the idea of displaying Parallel Worlds in photography, creating a photo that shows a scene in reflection can give the appearance of another universe. You can flip the photo around in an app or image editor so that it appears to be right side up.

Reflections in Nature

Nature provides infinite opportunities to capture beautiful moments reflected in watery mirrors. Whether you capture a wide angle view of a glorious sunset, or the tiny details of a bird at the waters edge, there are all kinds of wonderful reflection photos to be created.

Reflections of Self

Mirrors and reflections allow us to see ourselves, sometimes in surprising ways. By experimenting with the shape and look of the reflective surface, we can experiment and change the way we wish to appear to others.

Night Lights

Night time is a great time for reflection photos. Look for colorful city lights and other similar subjects. If you use a long exposure you can make the lights appear to blur out into the water.

Make Your Own Mirrors

You can find reflections in all kinds of surfaces. Got a pair of sunglasses? A Christmas ornament? A glass of water? Get creative and see how different types of objects reflect light and scenes in different ways.

Essence of Photography is a series of tips, tutorials, and visual inspiration on a variety of photography skills and techniques.

You can practice these skills and more by purchasing a deck of Photo Cards from Zoom In Reach Out, a non-profit with a mission of teaching to see the world from a different perspective.

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