Participating in a Local Photography Exhibit

A look at a recent Canadian art exhibit and the benefits of getting involved with a local community of photographers.

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February 04, 2023

Almost 200 years after it was invented, there are still people who don’t think of photography as a significant art form.

Canadian artist and event organizer Greg Smith aimed to challenge that view with a photography exhibition called More Than the Eye Can See (MTTECS).

The exhibit, which ran from January 4 - 28 at the Landmark Pop-Uptown Gallery in White Rock, Canada featured images from 20 area photographers. Last year, the Exhibition was held during the month of February.

Included in the mix was Aminus3 community member Don Hudson who exhibited some of his work comprised of images from home and family life as well as images made in the Canadian Rockies, Vancouver Island, the California interior and coast, Narita, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

Local photography exhibitions are a fantastic opportunity for photographers to connect with other artists in their area. Participating in an exhibit is also a great way for photographers to get their photos out of drawers and hard drives, and onto the walls of an exhibit space where they can be seen, appreciated, and even purchased by the local community.

Event organizer Greg Smith drew inspiration from Canada's most famous photographer, Yousuf Karsh (1908-2002), who once said,

Look and think before opening the shutter… the heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.

To further underline the artistic possibilities of photography, a Yousuf Karsh original print was on display in the exhibition.

This year marks the second edition of The More Than the Eye Can See exhibition which has brought in almost 2000 visitors in the last two years, remarkable in a small community.

Much of the artwork displayed throughout the exhibition was available for purchase with many of the prints being a limited run series to assure the value of the work.

Don Hudson featured several prints which he photographed from his travels.

Several interactive sessions were included throughout the event.

Free photography workshops were provided for aspiring photographers wanting to hone their technique.

One of the more important goals and purposes of the “MTTECS” exhibit was the inclusion of young people interested in photography. Local high schools conduct semester-long photographic courses. The opportunity to display work and talk with other photographers is one of the best aspects of the exhibition.

Additionally, creatively-inclined visitors were given a chance to “let their inner poet loose” by way of an ‘Ekphrastic’ poetry contest.

Ekphrastic poetry is a creative written or verbal interpretation of something visual, like a work of art, or a scenic view.

For Don and for others, the event was like attending a conference but without the expenses associated with such gatherings of knowledgeable specialists who shared a common passion.

Organizer Greg Smith also noted the contribution of the City of White Rock, which makes the gallery available to a wide variety of local artists in all disciplines, throughout the year. “This initiative by the city ensures that both established and emerging artists have an opportunity to be seen and appreciated by the public”, said Smith.

If you have ever wondered what to do with your photos besides archiving on your computer, or sharing to social media, you might find similar events in your area where you can get involved with a local photography community.

And, if you are feeling burned out by big tech, there are many independent photography communities online like Aminus3 which value human interaction and co-creativity over algorithms and advertising.

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