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Collective Curated Content

Out of the many photos uploaded each day, certain themes and unexpected synchronicity emerge. We focus those themes into curated galleries and collections of images that speak to our hearts. We encourage the community to do the same by remixing their own images or images from other photographers that inspire them.

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Every day Aminus3 photographers share their life experience and stories from their part of the world. We highlight these on the Discover Page. You can view by popular or latest as well as viewing stories from a specific country.

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Featured Photography

Featured photography is made up of curated images which consist of one or more of the following qualities; a unique place or culture, a special moment in time, stories of humanity, the embodiment of awareness, consciousness or something larger than ourselves.

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Aminus3 Threads composes the unique voices and moments of collective experience.

The official Aminus3 blog where we highlight photographers, curated photo collections, tips & tutorials, and inspired image galleries.

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Curated collections of images created by members of the Aminus3 Community.

On the Aminus3 Remix Page, we honor each other's creative photography by combining or Remixing images which inspire us.

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Weekly Photo Prompt

Want to get inspired and try something new? Check out the Aminus3 Weekly Photo Prompt.

Every Saturday we will post a new photography prompt for the week. Interpret and photograph the prompt any way you choose.

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At Aminus3, we love color. Packed within every picture is a collection of pretty pixels varying in shades of red, green and blue. Every time an Aminus3 photographer uploads an image, there is the opportunity for distinct, amazing color palettes to highlight.

The Aminus3 Color Feature Page highlights images based on the color palette it provides.

Browse Photography

There are millions of images on Aminus3 from all around the world and we provide many ways to browse and enjoy them all.

You can view photos by categories, colors, date, tags and keywords.

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By Date

Aminus3 is an image-a-day website where photographers post a single image for discussion and comment each day. The Aminus3 Daily Page shows you all the images posted on a given day.

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By Color

We've updated the Aminus3 Color Pages to showcase images by relevant colors as well as daily featured photography by color.

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By Category

The Aminus3 Category Page allows you to find photos archived by categories such as animals, abstracts, food, cityscapes, nature, portraits and more.

Photographers Toolkit

Aminus3 is a great place to find inspiration and learn about the world. It is a community to share and discuss photography. It is a place for photographers to develop new ideas, skills, and concepts.

If you are a photographer who would like to share your photography and life experiences from your unique place in the world, join Aminus3 today and get started.!

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A+ Subscription

A basic account provides the minimum to get started. To get the most out of Aminus3 and to support the value of this great platform, we encourage you to subscribe to the A+ Premium Membership.

A+ Membership provides:

  • Larger image display
  • Custom watermark
  • Google analytics and traffic stats
  • Image copy prevention
  • and more…

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One Photo a Day

Aminus3 provides a stylish platform to share and discuss one photo a day with a community of serious photographers from around the world. While many photo sites encourage sharing lots of images, we emphasize quality over quantity on Aminus3 and encourage photographers to slow down and consciously select an image a day to share.

On Aminus3 you can:

  • Establish a web presence for your photography
  • Expose your images to a wide audience of viewers
  • Connect with other photographers around the world
  • Create your own instant website with no setup or coding required
  • Customize your site colors and appearance
  • Discuss photography and have a cultural exchange through image comments

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Photography Portfolio

By selectively posting an image a day, Aminus3 photographers build up a portfolio of their images over time. Aminus3 provides many ways to display and view your images by date, category, search terms and your own selection of your best and favorite shots on your portfolio page.

Visit the Photographers Directory for inspiration or have a look at the Daily Community Page and see what's happening.

Something for Everyone

Whether taking a visual break by a journey through inspired imagery, or you are a photographer looking to connect and share your world, Aminus3 offers something for everyone. We invite you to experience and learn with us.

Visit the Aminus3 Follow Page to find out how you can stay up to date with the latest from the Aminus3 community.

Design and Layout

We have completely re-imagined Aminus3 to emphasize our pursuit of a humanity focused photography community for people all over the globe. Since our inception in 2004, serious photographers have shared millions of beautiful images which are uploaded on a daily basis. The new format of the site, while providing an updated and fresh design, seeks to bring awareness to meaningful experiences and collections of images which exemplify humanity and life around the world.

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We've updated our Home Page to make it easier to find great photos and stories on Aminus3 from around the world. View trending photos and discussions as well as curated galleries.

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Fullscreen Viewer

View images in a full screen slide show layout from the Aminus3 community pages.

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Black or White Background

Showcase images on a black or white background and easily switch between the two.

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Responsive Layout

The new Aminus3 layout scales for all devices from mobile phones to tablets to the desktop.